Why you need a people strategy in your school or trust

BlueSky Education
November 16, 2023

For many schools and trusts, staff retention and recruitment has become a major challenge. Recruiting and retaining teachers is not the only issue: many schools are also struggling to hire and retain employees throughout the operations and business team, as work flexibility and competition from other sectors draw personnel away from Education.

Implementing a strategy to manage your people is crucial to the recruitment and retention of all staff, not least the school business team. In our latest blog, we explore the benefits and the considerations for developing a ‘People Strategy’ in your organisation.

Engage and develop your people, aligned to strategic goals

BlueSky’s flexible online platform simplifies staff development processes and enhances people strategy in schools and multi-academy trusts.

  • Every member of staff in your organisation can access a personal portfolio that encourages engagement in professional learning
  • Evaluate performance and professional development needs against Operations-specific frameworks including the ISBL Standards
  • Online, purpose-built tools, ready-made templates and in-built reporting reduce workload and save time on CPD and appraisal

Read the blog and earn more about how BlueSky School Business Professionals here: https://bit.ly/BlueSkyStrategy