Why Is Cold Printing Important?

May 2, 2024

For over 50 years of printing and copying, toner-based laser printing was the go-to option for any office that wanted to print at volume for a low cost per print. We now send over 350 million toner cartridges every year to landfills across the globe, each taking over 1000 years to decompose fully. It's time to look at changing how we print, and RISO is leading the way in low-temperature, energy-efficient printing processes that remove toner from the equation altogether.

What is cold printing? Unlike traditional toner printers, RISO's ForceJet technology features an oil-based ink cooling system, preventing paper deformation, overheating, and excessive power usage.

RISO offers an alternative solution to blurs, smears and streaks on freshly printed documents. This new Forcejet technology ensures efficiency and is instantly ready for postage or binding, saving you time for more critical tasks.

At RISO, we understand the challenges schools face regarding sustainability and budgeting. Our printing solutions use up to 91% less energy than toner printers, allowing your school to reach its carbon footprint goals.

By choosing RISO, you’ll guarantee exceptional reliability and reliable access to printed
resources for every academic need.

For more information, visit https://www.riso.co.uk/education-printing.html.