Understanding Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS)

Barker Associates
November 29, 2023

Estate management in schools is multifaceted, involving the maintenance and improvement of buildings, grounds and facilities to create an optimal learning environment.

Good Estate Management for Schools, also commonly known as GEMS, is guidance created by the Department of Education (DfE) for estates in the education sector. This guidance is designed to help schools and academies effectively manage their estates and keep their buildings in good condition for staff and students. 

The GEMS guidance is comprehensive and wide-ranging, providing advice and recommendations to those who are responsible for overseeing or managing an estate. Getting some tailored advice can be beneficial when you’re maintaining a school. As an ISBL Approved Partner and one of the UK’s leading education property consultants, Barker works closely with education clients to create safe, inspiring, sustainable spaces where people learn, work and play.

Rob Gould and Matt Isherwood of Barker will provide a refresher of GEMS on 11 December 11.00AM focussing on the following areas.

  • Condition surveys – how to commission them and how to interpret the data.
  • Asset Management Plans – how to develop your strategic AMP.
  • Estates Strategy and procurement tips to achieve best value.

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