Take advantage of stable energy prices for your renewal

February 8, 2024

The energy markets are currently experiencing a relative low and a near-return to pre-energy crisis levels.

Gas usage has been lower due to milder weather, we’ve had strong wind generation, and the long-range pricing forecasts are surprisingly only 20-30% higher than historical averages. This is a stark contrast to the staggering highs of 2022 where prices were up over 900%.

Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge that there are some lurking risks that could disrupt this stability. While it may be tempting to delay renewing your contract, seizing the opportunity now, with prices likely lower than your recent historical averages, is a strategic move. Opting for 2 or potentially 3-year contracts not only provides budget certainty but also shields you from potential rises in 'non-commodity' costs (read our guide here Ultimate Guide to Non-Commodity Costs 2023 - Zenergi).

ISBL’s energy framework, administered by Zenergi, helps you gain control and greater understanding of your energy costs. The key benefits of using this framework are to encourage choice, information, best value, and simplicity.

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