Synergy Construction and Property Consultants LLP: Supporting with the condition of your school or academy

Synergy LLP
January 24, 2024

At Synergy, we understand the difficult challenges of maintaining healthy school buildings in the current climate.  

Last year the National Audit Office (NAO) released their report on the condition of school buildings and found that 38% of school buildings are now past their estimated design life.

This is further substantiated in a recent BBC Panorama article published on Monday 22 January where multiple schools have said they are struggling to keep children warm in buildings ‘not fit for purpose’. On top of this, schools and academies have faced more instances of flooding in recent years and the discovery of RAAC has caused significant disruption and prompted safety concerns.

We have a team of experienced surveyors and funding specialists who always prioritise keeping pupils safe, dry and warm. We will work with your school or academy to implement a robust strategy that aligns with your educational goals. We can help with:

Planned Preventive Maintenance: By implementing a proactive maintenance plan, we help schools avoid unexpected breakdowns, extend the life of your building stock, and ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all.

Funding Support: Securing funding for necessary improvements is often a daunting task. Synergy provides expert assistance in identifying available funding sources, preparing compelling applications, and navigating the intricacies of funding processes.

Disaster Recovery and Climate Resilience Services: Unforeseen events like flooding or structural damage can disrupt the normal functioning of schools and academies. Synergy's disaster recovery services aim to swiftly restore normalcy, minimise downtime, and ensure the safety of everyone on the premises. We can help explore preventative measures to significantly reduce risk by improving water efficiency, reducing surface water flood risk and support with strategic climate resilience plans.

Space Planning and Masterplanning: Our team will guide you through the Masterplanning process, coordinating all key tasks and ensuring that all project milestones and deadlines are achieved to ensure the process is robust, imaginative and delivers the best possible outcomes for your school. A Masterplan can help streamline the use of space and resource at your school resulting in possible cost savings.

Cost Managment and Contract Administration: Synergy’s contract administrators have strong collaboration and negotiation skills with the ability to remain objective throughout a project’s lifecycle. Our cost consultants provide practical and innovative cost-effective solutions that make best use of the space available.

Project Management: Our project managers have extensive experience in the education sector and understand the challenges of delivering projects on live campuses. They will take the weight off your shoulders by ensuring projects run as smoothly as possible, finishing to programme and within budget.

Design: Synergy’s in-house design team provides significant added value to your school, from the additional on-hand creative expertise to the flexibility this gives our teams to efficiently mould the project to your vision.

Should your school need any further information on Synergy’s services please contact our team on