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Schools UK
April 17, 2024

Celebrating over 25+ years of dedicated service, Schools UK stands as a pillar of support for schools, academies, and trusts. Our legacy is built on trust, refined through continuous collaboration with the educational community, ensuring that every policy is tailored to the unique needs of each school.

At Schools UK, we don’t just offer staff absence insurance; we provide comprehensive wellbeing support (at no extra cost) for all staff members, including close family members and governors. Our bespoke insurance options, approved by the FCA and backed by the FSCS, address the unpredictability of staff absences, transferring risk and safeguarding your school's financial future.

Our wellbeing programme, powered by both Schools UK & Sparta Health, is designed to proactively support and enhance the health of your entire school community. This holistic approach includes accessible treatments and counselling, GP services anytime, and extensive online resources for both staff and their families.

Exclusive discounts are available for ISBL members. Discover how Schools UK can make a difference in your school by using code ‘ISBL24’ for guaranteed savings. Elevate the security and wellbeing of your school with Schools UK – Learn more here.