SAAF transforms LIFE Education Trust's financial management and payroll

SAAF Education
April 17, 2024

We’re thrilled to share the results of our most recent case study with LIFE Education Trust (LIFE). 

LIFE faced a significant challenge when their internal system hit a roadblock. 

Just like many other trusts, LIFE sought to alleviate pressure from their finance and payroll teams and enhance financial management while navigating complex software. 

By leveraging our finance consultancy, helpdesk, and payroll support, we achieved remarkable results: 

  • Streamlined financial management processes 
  • Accurate budgets 
  • Boosted productivity and efficiency 
  • Responsive and precise payroll management  

Explore our case study below to uncover the challenges LIFE faced, the solutions we provided, and the measurable results. 


According to the trust, our expertise has led to a deeper understanding of IRIS, resolving tricky issues that were draining time. SAAF’s interventions significantly improved efficiency and instilled greater confidence in the integrity of their financial data. 

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