Maximise your lettings with BookingsPlus – benefiting individual and MAT schools

November 2, 2023

With 20 years of experience working in the public sector, Kajima Community enables schools to effectively hire out their underused spaces, via lettings software BookingsPlus. Having invested over £2m in its development and employing an experienced team of in-house developers and support representatives, BookingsPlus is the complete system for maximising school lettings. With a fully-branded lettings website, allowing potential customers to view spaces and make enquiries, the software enables schools to become more efficient and to increase their lettings income. Whether you are an individual school operating independently, or part of a MAT where lettings are centralised, our software can help.


Over 300 schools across the UK already engage with the platform, some have implemented the software across just one school, and others across their entire MAT portfolio. Either way, the simple room booking tool, automated invoicing, document store and reminders function, reporting suite, plus the option of handy global settings for MATs, is helping to generate over £28m per year back into the public sector.


The Lionheart Enterprise Trust implemented BookingsPlus with just four venues and have since increased that number to fourteen, showing the scalability of our software from one school to multiple. Enterprise Manager, Neil Lewis talks about the benefits BookingsPlus has brought