Make RISO part of your climate action plan

January 24, 2024

The environment is quite rightly the hot topic for schools up and down the country, with action plans and green policies being examined.

It’s no wonder, as your school will need a Climate Action Plan and a nominated sustainability lead in place by 2025.

But did you know that one easy area for you as a school business leader to focus on to get almost instant environmental results is printing?
That’s right. So, as the New Year gets going, make sure it is out with the slow, noisy, emission-generating, old printers and in with the new clean, hi-speed inkjet printers from RISO.

There is no heat in the printing process of a RISO and no emissions. There are no paper jams and only what is needed is printed - so no wastage of resources.

Not only that, you’ll see a reduction in energy consumption (and bills) because the RISO devices use very little energy. In fact, they use 91% less energy than a standard toner printer.

With RISO, you’ll be one step closer to ensuring your school is all about sustainability.

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