New partnership: ISBL alumni-developed student health software receives ISBL approval

Medical Tracker
April 17, 2024

Luke O'Dwyer, co-founder of Medical Tracker, earned a Certificate in School Business Management from the National Association of School Business Managers (now ISBL) in 2012. Prior to launching Medical Tracker in May 2015, Luke worked as a School Business Manager, where he experienced firsthand the challenges of using paper records to manage the health needs of students and staff. His search for a digital solution to streamline accident, illness, and medication records led him to create Medical Tracker.

Medical Tracker is an online platform designed to eliminate paperwork, enhance communication between parents, carers, and staff, and enable effortless data analysis. This comprehensive system seamlessly integrates with existing management information systems to facilitate the recording, tracking, and management of injuries, illnesses, and accident investigations, alongside care plans and medication administration. Trusted by over 75,000 school staff across more than 2,100 schools, Medical Tracker is transforming the way schools manage their accident, health and safety data and medication records.

In January 2024 Medical Tracker received the Highly Commended Award for the best leadership and management solution at the prestigious BETT Awards and in March 2024 Medical Tracker was approved as an ISBL partner after a rigorous vetting process.

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