Introducing the ISBL & UKSSN Greener Schoolscast

October 5, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of the ISBL Podcast with the first episode of the jointly produced Greener Schoolscast! 

This regular podcast headed up by ISBL Fellows Paul Edmond and Helen Burge, who are co-chairs of the UK Schools Sustainability Network Operations Group, is the first in a series of interviews and discussions helping school business professionals break down the challenge of sustainability step by step. In each episode, we'll speak with a subject matter expert asking them to share their insights into how colleagues can jumpstart more sustainable strategies and practices. In this first episode, Paul and Helen interview Robin Harrison, Facilities and Resource Manager at Rushcliffe School on building an outcomes-driven sustainability strategy. What's more, for our introductory episode you can find out more about the journey and mission of the UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN), which is hosted by charity Global Action Plan, from school sustainability pioneer Jess Tipton. Find out how to join the UKSSN, including the Operations Group, here.

Don't forget you can catch Robin for a dedicated session on day two of the ISBL National Conference to learn more about how Robin and his team are successfully tackling whole-school sustainability.  

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