Enhance Classroom Connectivity, with the DfE Connect the Classroom scheme: Act before February 2024!

December 13, 2023

Connect the Classroom has been empowering schools to improve their infrastructure, with fully funded Wi-Fi connectivity. However, with the funding period coming to an end, it's important for schools to take this opportunity before February 2024. Schools still have the chance to enhance their connectivity by getting claims approved, including bids and invoices, through the DfE. The DfE have communicated allocated funding to schools who are eligible.

Wavenet Education, previously AdEPT Education are a trusted leader in providing reliable, scalable, and managed services to over 3,500 schools across England, we have supported schools to obtain over £7 million in Connect the Classroom funding. We will support you from initial evaluation to creating a Wi-Fi network that meets your school's exact requirements, assisting with the bid submission, and finally, an installation that will not disrupt your school's operations.

Don't let your school miss out on this chance for improved connectivity. Reach out to Wavenet Education today to ensure your school makes the most of the remaining timeframe and secures the necessary upgrades.

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Visit our website: DfE Connect the Classroom Scheme (wavenet.co.uk)