Podcasts and Webinars

May 21, 2022

MP Podcast: MAT Growth

In this episode of IMP Software's The MAT Finance Show, Will Jordan takes us through growth strategies and planning for MAT Growth.



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IMP Podcast: MAT mergers and the lessons we can take

In this episode of IMP Software's The MAT Finance Show, Will Jordan is joined by Maritime Academy Trust CFO, Leanda Arnold to discuss their recent merger and pick up on some lessons learnt from the experience.



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ISBL webinar: School Resource Management

Stephen Morales, ISBL CEO, talks about school resource management and what it means to our education system.




Bishop Fleming webinar: Getting the most out of the risk assurance

Doing Risk Management “properly” can seem overly burdensome or just a confusing waste of time at first glance. Take a look at our Webinar session that aims to help academies demystify the risk, assurance and internal scrutiny requirements for the sector, providing practical and pragmatic ways to allow you to get the most out of your internal risk management process and your internal audit input. (You might find you’ve been doing it “properly” all along).

We were also be joined by representatives from VWV who were on hand to discuss considerations for wider risk areas (for example, Safeguarding) dealt with by the sector, and how to ensure (and assure) your trust is complying with any legal requirements.




Bishop Fleming webinar: The impact of effective decision making on your charity 

In this webinar, we discuss the impact that effective decision-making and good communication can have on an organisation as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to make good decisions, and communicate them effectively, is crucial for any organisation, but particularly for the charity sector as it ultimately affects the impact your charity can make to beneficiaries. David Butler, Head of Charity and NFPs at Bishop Fleming, is joined by a panel of speakers from Manifesto and VWV who share their expertise and guidance on a range of topics including, approaches and ideas to help you form habits and behaviours that drive decision-making, the impact of COVID-19 on the Trustees Report and tactics for your reserves policy, the importance of effective communication to allow good governance and decision-making, and more.




Bishop Fleming webinar: Looking ahead to 2021 and the importance of financial management

This webinar focuses on the importance of financial management to navigate financial challenges following a global pandemic. COVID-19 has had a widespread impact on the charity & NFP sector; some have seen incomes rise as government, trusts and foundations support the sector, whilst others have seen income streams vanish overnight and are now experiencing financial difficulty. One thing that has become apparent throughout this challenging time is the importance of financial management, which is crucial to ensure financial resilience and stability. We bring you insights and top tips on how you can prepare for the future, as we look ahead to 2021. The webinar covers a range of topics including cashflow, working capital and financial management, trustee responsibility for financial oversight, effective governance and good decision-making, maximising VAT recovery and many more topics.




Schools and Academies Show 2021: School Business Leaders as Crisis Managers – Beating the Drum for the Role of the SBL During COVID

Stephen Morales, ISBL CEO, addresses the Schools and Academies Show on the critical role that school business leaders have played during the pandemic.




IMP Podcast: GAG Pooling

In this episode of IMP Software's The MAT Finance Show, Peter Wilson, Jonathan Bishop and Chris Kirk take your questions on GAG Pooling.

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ISBL Podcast: Stephen Morales in conversation with Lee Miller MBE, Deputy Chief Executive, Thinking Schools Academy Trust

This podcast discusses the role of school business professionals in a growing academy trust sector. Lee Miller talks about his journey through to executive leadership in a successful forward-thinking MAT.



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